Growler Filling Station

The only constant in the ever changing beer industry is that customers are always looking for new and exciting craft beers.  Nick’s, with help from companies near and afar, has installed a state of the art Growler Filling Station based on the same operating principles as bottling lines. We use a blended gas counter pressure system. This state of the art technique forces beer to fill the growler from the bottom up reducing loss due to foam, while keeping the beer as fresh as possible.


While Nick’s carries a wide array of craft beer in bottles and cans, our Growler Filling Station has opened the doors to  endless possibilities. Our Growler Filling Station taps are constantly changing with beers that are extremely rare or even limited to draft only. Our list is always changing, so check back with us regularly or you may miss out on that one beer you have been waiting for.


Commonwealth - Ariana


A New England DIPA featuring Ariana, Citra and Cryo Cascade hops.

7.5% ABV

Virginia Beach, VA




Captain Lawrence - Pastry Dreams


Pastry Dreams is a dark, delicious, and oh so sweet milk stout featuring chocolate, coconut, and milk sugar.

8.5% ABV




True Respite - Hey Bud


Dank citrus. We casually call it "Breakfast With Snoop Dogg." Features two of the headiest hop varietals out there, including highly sought after new varietal: Strata.

8.2% ABV

Derwood, MD




Wicked Weed - Barrel Aged French Toast


Bourbon Barrel Aged French Toast Imperial Stout is a delicious testament to smoldering intensity. Prepare for the smooth vanilla, zesty cinnamon, and sweet maple syrup of the original to be epically enhanced by the finest Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. This sweet treat's time in oak barrels has forged an entirely new creation. Taste this beauty after its bourbon-barrel transformation, and give in to sweet intensity.

11.4% ABV




Reckless - Personal Day


An easy drinking dry-hopped wheat with a soft body and tropical hop finish. It's juicy enough for the IPA drinker yet smooth like a Hefeweizen. You'll enjoy it so much that you might need a personal day.

5.2% ABV

Columbia, MD




Levante - Trifecta Complex


Welcome to the apex of the vortex of danktitude. Citra, Cascade, and Amarillo triangulate around a 10% malt base so sticky your fly trap will be jealous. Not to mention the added hit of ridiculously limonenuous terpenes to honor the strain referenced in the first line of this description. Ready to ride the terpene express?

*Contains Lactose*

10% ABV




LiC - Peace & Love


This porter was brewed with 2-row, a blend of English dark malts, and flaked barley. This medium-bodied robust porter offers notes of chocolate, roasted coffee, caramel, and toffee with a finish of hop bitterness and alcohol warmth.

7% ABV




Gypsy - Blackberry Way


A Belgian-inspired fruit beer made with Maryland barley and wheat from Dark Cloud malthouse, and locally grown blackberries from Swann Farms in Owings, MD.  Subtle blackberry flavor and aroma with a tart, dry finish. Think of it as Blackberry Lemonade for adults.

5.2% ABV

Calvert County, MD




Leavante - King Of The Crust ( P, B, & J )


Have you ever seen 100 pounds of peanut butter? How about 210 pounds of boysenberry and raspberry jelly? The sweet delight is built upon a massive loaf of chocolaty grain, from delicately kilned German Munich malt to toasted flaked barley, all-in-all equipped with the crisp crunch of Maris Otter crust. Finally, to ensure your spot as the coolest kid in the cafeteria, we added in a dash of lactose sugar and Madagascar vanilla for a fluffernutter finish.

12% ABV

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