We realize that our loyal customers have many options, and we greatly appreciate each and every one for choosing Nick’s as a preferred merchant.  We believe service is more than stocking the shelves once a day, or having only half of the available cash registers running. Over the years, we have vowed to never let service become an afterthought, implemented solely to rectify problems.


In the world of large chain stores, we have worked tremendously hard to offer our customers a unique experience founded upon customer service. Our customers will always find a willing staff member to lend a hand in anything that may be required.  Our butchers behind our 40 foot, full service, meat counter are always prepared to custom cut fresh steaks or suggest certain items that may work best for a recipe. Our Deli continuously creates made to order sub sandwiches throughout the day. Our staff is always present on the sales floor, willing and able to answer any questions.


Customer service is entwined in every aspect of our business and we can assure our customers that we will never stray from these principles. Although we strive for perfection, we are aware that we do not always attain these lofty goals. However, we will never deviate from the willingness to learn and improve.

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